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J&J DISTRIBUTIONS is an American company created inspired by professionals in the construction industry, with the goal to offer evolved systems and solutions to our clients while providing efficiency, reducing costs and minimizing error of margin in this sector.

Our vast experience in engineering and industrial product distribution with multi-national companies led us to establish a commercial collaboration as the official distributor of Jombar  in the United States of America.

We provide load leveling solutions for the prefabricated concrete and construction industry, for leveling the wind power generator towers, railway industry, shipbuilding, etc., such as high-compression leveling wedges or our multipurpose wedges for heavy loads, for plate placing and posts on bases.  

A wide range of plastic spacers for concrete, with very specific designs for construction needs, prefabricated concrete and exclusive systems for anchor protection for concrete slab transportation.

For the window and aluminum door industry, PVC, Steel and wood, we have wedges for glass leading companies in the European market. Products that have been experimented for many years improve the quality of doors, windows, etc. Our systems improve the energy efficiency and comfort while avoiding unpleasant exterior vibrations.

In addition to the extensive line of products and components developed by the collaboration with Jombar Thermoplastics, we offer the professional experience for developing new products for our clients, tailor made and out of catalog.
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